SPEKTAL – The Weatherman

It’s that time of year when everyone goes a bit mental running round trying to squeeze a month’s work/shopping/fun/lager into a fortnight isn’t it? I just can’t be arsed with it, so shall we watch a really calming video all about a super suave, very limited, minimalist coat? OK then get on this…

Nice that wasn’t it? I feel a bit calmer now do you? The jacket featured in it is made by Spektal, a menswear brand launched earlier this year who are all about making gear that’s beautifully minimalist and super functional with a dash of streetwear sensibility in there too. All of their items are made in their London workshop with everything from the fabric and trims to the swing tags being 100% British and handcrafted. Their signature Weatherman jacket featured in the film has been crafted from weatherproof ventile with raglan sleeves, a peaked hood, concealed side-seams is limited to just 12 pieces and will be available to buy from Spektal on the 10th of December.

And lets not forget that the calming effects of coats, should never be under-estimated.



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