Sperry Chukkas at Liquor Store

Look at that weather outside. It’s straight up Autumn out there. The leaves are all orange and all over the pavement, it’s windy enough to blow your Grandma’s hat off and it’s nearly time to ignore all the firework safety campaigns and jeopardise that burgeoning modelling career.  When it comes to your footwear, as nice as exclusive, extra Spezial, suede trainers are – and they are bloody nice – you don’t want to fall on some slippery leaves or get puddle gunk on your green suede kicks; especially if you’ve queued up all night to get them. Although, if you have queued up all night for anything, I personally want you to get covered in all sorts of gunk and fall down a manhole.

The long and short of all this is that it’s time for some new and appropriately adult shoes. Ideally something like these Sperry Authentic Original offerings at Liquor Store.

A summer look embraced by JFK Ivy Leaguers and top table internet soccer casuals alike, Sperry boating shoes are a bonafide classic, the Top Sider in particular. Suitable for both a weekend away at The Hamptons and a Saturday afternoon away at Hartlepool. Such longevity and widespread popularity is seldom based on a shoddy product or reliant on celebrity endorsement and passing fads. When your brand’s product is the shit it will stand the test of time. And these Chukkas are next level. In particular the Chukka Brown, which are better than your first solid shit after three days of liquid hell thanks to an intense bout of food poisoning.

As part of the Sperry Gold Cup collection, the attention to detail is nothing short of stand up and clap yourself silly amazing. Including genuine deer skin lining for ultimate protection, the Brown shoe is complimented by a triple layered memory foam sole for the kind of comfort you only normally hear about on late-night Tempura mattress infomercials on the History Channel. Sperry’s signature 360 lacing system even features 18k gold eyelets – so, if you’re wearing these on the high seas, watch out for those pirates – and there are enough other hallmarks of quality such as; hand sewn features around the toes and precision lazer cut sole units, as well as a fully winter prepared stain and water resistant leather outer. Walking down a cold and leafy pavement has never felt or looked so good.

Brown MainBrown SoleBrown Back

That is some serious footwear talk right there but think about this; ‘Chukka Brown’ sounds like someone who’d have some sort of dealings with Birmingham’s other notorious outfit besides Liquor Store – the Peaky Blinders. Maybe I have an over active imagination and divulged in one too many coffees but Razorfish, Lug and Oxblood – the names of the other shoes on offer – sound like they could run the Peaky Blinders’ new luxury bootlegging business in the North East of America; in, for instance, The Hamptons, Long Island. A place full of Ivy Leaguers, leafy carpeted floors and Autumn. That may be a reference specially reliant on you having an up to date knowledge of BBC2 dramas but they really are just the shoes to do it in.

Or even to wear to beat the teds at a game #shoes in 2014 Great Britain.

Lug Oxblood Razorfish

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