Sperry CVO (Circular Vamp Oxford)

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Though I’ve been wearing them for quite a while I had no idea my favourite Sperrys were called CVOs, mad eh? I just called em ‘my Sperrys’ blissfully unaware that I was wearing a pair of circular vamp oxfords or that I was quite literally walking in the same footsteps as JFK and Paul Newman. Though to be fair both those two tended to wear theirs whilst actually out sailing/drinking Heineken/sleeping with Marilyn, whereas I usually pop mine on as soon as the Easter eggs have been put away and there’s even the smallest threat of sunshine, just to get into the springy/summer vibez. Regardless of what you end up doing in your CVOs, they are without a doubt a nailed on style classic and are guaranteed to give you some serious sea-cred. Available fromĀ Oi Polloi and The Mandon Store.



CVO_Paul Newman




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  1. I ordered a pair of these from Mandon and never received them. They had no proof of postage and then stopped answering my emails when I asked for refund. Their phone was never answered. I’m not happy fella right now. Has anyone else had this experience with them?

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