Sperry – The Odyssey Project


Though Sperry have always been a pretty special brand in my book their latest Odyssey project which celebrates their 80th anniversary has really raised the campaign bar.

For this experimental and content creating project Sperry has chosen 80 ambassadors to move out of their comfort zones, discover unfamiliar places and do something a little different from the norm. My current favourite of which is hand-crafted sign writer Josh Luke from Best Dressed Signs who landed his Bahama boat shoes down for a two night stay in an old Scooby Doo-esque lighthouse on an island in Narrangansett Bay, USA.  Though rather than being terrorised by the angry ghosts of pirate smugglers he managed to knock up a very impressive maritime themed Odyssey Project sign to document his unique Atlantic vacation. You can read more about it here and also find out more about the other ambassadors featured so far here. Oh and if you need anyone to go and help out on a rural farms in the Jamaican mountains or perhaps DJ at a chill out zone in a Swedish sauna then you have my number Sperry.








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