Sperry x YMC

F15_0022 Sperry-x-YMC Collaboration_M-18

If I had to look into my #menswear crystal ball then I’d make a prediction that autumn/winter 15 is going to be a vintage season for footwear.

I say this because a lot of the stuff that I’ve seen so far from the likes of Veras, Clarks, Sebago and a particular pair of adi spezial’s named after a legendary bass player have already achieved must-have, holy grail shoe status despite none of them being released yet. Well as if I haven’t got enough on my shoe consumer plate now here comes Sperry’s AW15 CVO/Chukka collab with YMC. Oh flipping great!  Another group of super fine footwear that I just can’t live without. Once again yet more space will now have to be made in the towering shoe-box section of my abode entitled ‘Natural Coloured Classics’. By 2016 I genuinely think I’ll never have to buy another pair of shoes. I will though. I’ll probably have to move house too. God I love shoes.

F15_0022 Sperry-x-YMC Collaboration_M-55

F15_0022 Sperry-x-YMC Collaboration_M-53

F15_0022 Sperry-x-YMC Collaboration_M-51

F15_0022 Sperry-x-YMC Collaboration_M-37

F15_0022 Sperry-x-YMC Collaboration_M-50

F15_0022 Sperry-x-YMC Collaboration_M-47

F15_0022 Sperry-x-YMC Collaboration_M-26

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