Spiewak is back!

3Lkb-LNh33YFcn29LZPDAHq4dnh_WtFe1bvyr7FrTroWhilst perusing the multitude of amazing garments on display in Berlin’s 14oz shop last week  there was one particular label that left a lasting impression on me and also asking  ‘how come we don’t have this ace Spiewak gear back in our shops in Blighty? Well it turns out that iconic American brand Spiewak have just relaunched their brand with 14oz being the very launch-pad for their premium archive range known as Golden Fleece with their sublime limited edition 110th anniversary parka being the very item I had spotted whilst the (also limited) woodland camo MA-1 flight jacket will be making it’s debut in February via Ron Herman in LA & Tokyo with much more to come in AW14.  The Spiewak offering will consist of men’s and women’s outerwear and will range from for transitional light weight modular jackets to down filled N3B parkas with detachable coyote fur trim at retail. Spiewak Golden Fleece will comprise New York Made MA-1 Flight Jackets in 40 year-old surplus material to Canadian made N3B Snorkel parkas with Coyote fur trim in the same surplus material outerwear. This exciting rebirth is perhaps best summed up by spiewak’s new creative director and ex LVC geezer Maurizio Donadi  “The new Spiewak is an exercise in utility and simplicity. It’s a perfectly modern expression that fits the way people live now. We wanted people to experience these products and understand them through the lens of current culture an then discover that the brand is over a hundred years old.” Having seen this kit in the flesh I can confirm  that it’s seriously impressive gear and definitely up there with the other big hitters of genuine American military & workwear, Spiewak is back!


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