Spiewak Launch Online Store


I bet back in 1904 when old Isaac Spiewak started selling sheepskin vests to Brookyln dockers he never imagined that over a hundred years later people in Stockport would still be able to buy his wares, whilst sat on their sofa, in Stockport.

The legendary outerwear labels have just launched their E-Commerce site which means for the first time ever the brands entire collection is available in one place (including their amazing Golden Fleece line) with actual flagship shops due to follow suit opening up in 2016. As you’d expect from a label favoured by pretty much every emergency service and branch of the army/navy/air-force in the USA their AW15 collection is a rather impressive one , check out the lookbook if you don’t believe me. As well as the online shop the Spiewak site has also been updated with lots of special features highlighting both the genuinely fascinating history of the brand as well as focussing on specific products and will be updated on a weekly basis. Jason and the Argonauts risked life and limb several times over to get their hands on the Golden Fleece and having seen that Surplus poplin snorkel parka I now understand why.





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