Spike Jonze x The North Face Purple Label

Now here’s a collab I didn’t saw coming, Nanamica’s The North Face Purple Label have joined forces with legendary director Spike Jonze to give a very pleasant plaid makeover to their 3Way and shutter roller bags. Made using a check designed by Italian textile house PARA and overseen by Spike they’re deal for international travel whether you’re a legendary movie making bigwig or not. Here’s Mr Jonze to explain how the collab came about:

When I was a kid, my mom would take my sister and me camping when we had a school vacation. She had a North Face backpack and that logo was seared into my head as I was walking behind. I would be huffing and puffing and asking when we could stop to do something fun and I would stare at that logo and that half rainbow became part of my brain.

So when I went to Tokyo a couple years ago and my friend Kun took me by a The North Face store that he had designed, I saw that half rainbow and it all came rushing back to me. It was this amazing mash up of childhood nostalgia and Shibuya Pop shopping candy. I ended up getting a backpack that I’ve been using every day since then. It is nylon and has all the pockets and compartments for everything I could possibly need to carry. At some point I told Kun it would be so cool if they made this same backpack in wool, but backed with the functions like they do. Kun said I should do a collaboration with them and make my own backpack like that. Would they let me? How cool would that be? He asked and they said they would. So we made a travel set, backpack and roller suitcase in plaid wool. I’ve always wanted a plaid backpack and now not only do I have that but I have one with the same logo as my mom’s backpack. My job is done.

The North Face Purpler Label x Spike Jonze collab is available from the 10th of November in Nanamica stores and other selected stockist across Japan.


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