Spring Court at Oi Polloi

If it wasn’t for Spring Court I wouldn’t have found Oi Polloi. And if it wasn’t for Oi Polloi I wouldn’t have found Proper Magazine, as David Attenborough probably (didn’t) say, it’s the circle of life innit.

My mate told me John Lennon was wearing Spring Court’s on the cover of Abbey Road and whilst I’ve never really been down with the trainers/whistle combo (Ashley Cole take note) I figured if they’re good enough for Lennon they’re good enough for me.

And so started a long and expensive relationship with Oi Polloi with the white G2 being my first of many purchases. I’ll be honest, they weren’t the most comfortable pair of shoes I’ve ever had, in fact they fucking killed my feet but let’s be honest such things aren’t that important and if you look carefully I’m sure Lennon’s wincing a bit as he’s crossing the road.

Since then they’ve made a few subtle changes and they fit slightly better which makes them more comfortable, Oi Polloi have got the black, white, ice blue and thunder (whatever colour that is, I’m colour blind) in the G2 as well as the mid B2 in white. All you’ve got to do now is find a white suit and annoy the life out of the cabbies round Abbey Road as you try and get the perfect shot.

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