Spring Court 80th Anniversary



Salut mes amis! Ca va? Est-ce qu’il y a un syndicat d’initiative pres di’ici? Get me with all my fancy French talk eh? I’m parlez-vousing francais because those gallic go-getters Spring Court are celebrating their 80th year as well as after years of licensed partnerships they are now being managed completely by the family of it’s original creator. To celebrate this landmark occasion special editions of their G2 and B2 styles have been developed in heavy twill as part of the SS16 collection. Both styles feature a  natural coloured heavy twill, the G2 has a bicolour lace, whilst the B2 is available with an orange and green ribbon or a blue and off white ribbon. Brilliant aren’t they? I bloody love French stuff me.

The G2 and B2 heavy twill are available now from selected retailers including; Beams, Le Bon Marché, Oi Polloi, Number Six, Present, and online from springcourt.com







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