Spring Round Up – Lockdown Special

Seeing as the sun is out and Spring has sprung but the shops are all shut, let’s look at some online arrivals to see us through the lockdown and make us look cool af when it’s time to put the bins out.

Nobis Nash Hat

Does it get any cooler than a camo bucket hat? I really don’t think so. This beauty from Nobis uses ethically sourced materials and has a lifetime warranty. Ideal for war film marathons on the sofa or hiding from the rest of the family in the garden, you can get one here.

Oxford Pennant

Run out of bin bags? Kids declared all out warfare against one anther? Your other half started getting really angry just because of the way you crunch your cornflakes? Why not laugh at this temporary test of patience by putting up this pandemic pertinent pennant? Get one here.

Natal Design Brian Jacket

Many people thinking it’s fine to now do their work whilst dressed a knackered t-shirt and some jogging bottoms that have seen better days. They are of course wrong, in order to stay professional we need to up our sartorial game if anything which is where this incredible indigo cord jacket comes in. Super comfy yet still super smart, you’ll look like you mean business but still feel like you’re having a duvet day on the inside. Buy one here.

Base London Stark Suede

As mentioned above, during this working from home lark we need to maintain standards and a smart pair of shoes could make the difference from disappearing into a Youtube Conspiracy hole and nailing that next big deal. Cognac suede shoes and a cord jacket will also work wonders if you’re trying to look more academic whilst doing some home schooling and need your kids to stop laughing at you. Buy a pair here.

Snow Peak Low Beach Chair

OK so we need to keep away from the beaches at the moment but we can still dream can’t we? Take this high spec Japanese deck chair to the end of your garden, put some angry seagull sound effects on your headphones and enjoy the freezing cold climate of a British seaside without being rugby tackled to the ground by a member of the Royal Marines in a gas mask. Buy one here.

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