SS18 Stone Island Ghost Pieces

Relax everyone, there’s no need to freak out if you’re of a nervous disposition and feeling a bit spooked out by the idea of Stone Island going all supernatural by rattling loads of chains in the dead of night or making crockery fly across your trendy open plan apartment. No, the Stone Island Ghost pieces we’re talking about here are from a range that’s on a tonal camouflage kinda tip hence the ghost moniker, geddit?  They’ve even made a special monochrome version of the fabled compass patch in order to blend in with the rest of the garment (a bit like the Shadow Project stuff where they also sneakily hide half of it).

The collection also utilises a combination of multi-layered, hi-tech fabrics to create some incredible looking over shirts, sweats, tees, trousers and jackets. With all of the outerwear featuring ‘Tank Shield’ technology – a revolutionary treatment that laminates the performance membrane to base fabric to significantly improve levels of waterproof resistance and breathability. So put down the crucifix and the holy water, these are the kind of ghosts that you do want to find hiding in your wardrobe.

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