Stan Ray 107 – at Peggs & Son


Don’t know about you but I sometimes find it difficult to get overly excited by pants.

Not talking your Y-fronts or boxer type either, but, y’know ‘trousers’ as Southerners might call them (to Northerners & those of a US persuasion they’re just pants).

This time of year particularly, when thoughts are firmly on what footwear is going combat that day’s meteorological offering or which level of big coat it’s going to have to be; it leaves very little brain space to give much consideration to which ‘pantalon’ to don.

Yeah, we’ve all got our favourite pairs of selvedge, but sometimes you want something different.

Something not denim or corduroy based but a bit of a break from the old routine. Something you don’t mind facing the grimy puddle splash-backs or muddy flick-ups as you trudge your way through this ‘Most Wonderful time Of The Year’.

Problem is though, when money’s too tight to mention and with decent tracky bottoms going for well over 100 notes, and you still wanting to keep some sort of sartorial semblance about your person, what’s a boy (40 yr old) to do?

Let me introduce you to Stan Ray.

Sounding like a villain who didn’t quite make the cut in a Gerry Anderson ’60’s puppet production, he’s currently lodging on the hip Southern Coast in Brighton with our friends at Peggs & Son, and he’s here to sort you out with some ‘smart’ (as in ‘mint’ / ‘decent’, not as in ‘ones you’d wear to a wedding’ / ‘court’ date) pants.

Using vintage American army fatigues as design inspiration: both colour and style wise – Stan Ray delivers pants you can allow yourself to get just a little bit excited about, and at £65 will still leave you a bit of ‘green’ to buy Tiny Tim that present he probably doesn’t deserve this Chrimbo.









Go and get in Stan’s pants before someone else does.

 Peggs & Son.

Twitter: @HiltonShoegazer

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