Star Wars Storyboards – The Original Trilogy


Now much as we like to think everything we post on here is worth shouting about, this here book is on a whole new level of aceness or should that be spaceness?

With the orginial (and best) Star Wars trilogy so deeply ingrained in our cultural psyche it’s kind of  hard to imagine them starting life at the tip of a pencil in their raw and beautiful embryonic states. But that’s exactly how these iconic characters and scenes started off (they’re not real you know well apart from Greedo obviously) and for the first time ever Lucasfilm has opened up it’s priceless archives to give us a proper look at the game-changing illustrations from the first three films. The foreword by original  storyboard artist Joe Johntson and introduction by his protege Nilo Rodis-Jamero provide valuable insight as well as an additional stamp of authenticity to what must be an essential purchase for anyone who grew up wanting to be Luke, Han, Leia or (like me) Boba Fett.






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