Station To Station (Prestel)

Station to Station von Doug Aitken
Station to Station von Doug Aitken

Multimedia artist Doug Aitken’s scintillating Station to Station project is a high speed (rail) road trip across North America that stopped off at ten cities between New York and San Francisco, dropping some serious artistic science along the way.

The train itself even provided a moving kinetic light sculpture that saw it’s talented passengers involved in over a hundred unique projects and ‘happenings’ throughout the 23 day journey.  Key players from the worlds of contemporary art, music, literature and culture went along for the ride, many of whom are documented in this impressive new book from Prestel. As well as featuring 150 beautiful and striking images there’s also an introduction by Dean Kuipers as well as insightful interviews from the likes of Beck, Thurston Moore and Giorgio Moroder to name but three musical legends as well as a wealth of other heavy hitters from a variety of creative scenes. Though I’ve pored over this book for several hours and enjoyed it immensely, I do have to say it’s made my regular commute from Marple to Piccadilly seem a bit well boring now to be honest. Come on Network Rail, sort it out, lets organise a happening at Hyde central and a rave at Ryder Brow as soon as possible.

13-09-17_car_3_photo by Alayna Van Dervort

130906_NY_0555_photo by Ye Rin Mok

130917_TRN_2216_photo by Mara McKevitt

Pardo_train_int_photo by Ye Rin Mok

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