Stealthy Desert Boots

If you have a cat burglary coming up, a meeting with Oswald Mosley, or are just going to a fancy dress party as some sort of well-dressed goth, get on these all black, Clarks Desert Boots, available at Commonn.

Most probably, you know this shoe inside out, so just look at how good it is in this colourway. The white crepe sole offers up a refreshing contrast to the all-black-everything upper suede, stitching, midsole and laces. There has been plenty of internet talk about recent Clarks collaborations; these are seemingly a perfect tonic to all the lurid offerings over the past 18 months or so.

Obviously, when it comes to clothes and that, some things never go out of style. Two primary examples are; a good pair of desert boots and basically anything that comes in all black. Put them together and you’re definitely onto a winner.

Stay classy.

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