Stighlorgan, AW11 Q&A

Its always good to find out about a new label, especially when it comes from one of our favourite cities and looks as good (or should that be ‘grand’?) as this stuff. We’ve seen lots of highly respected designers featuring great accessories made from Irish materials of late so it’s really nice to see an actual Irish label at last. The Dublin collective’s first collection of hats, scarves and bags is entitled ‘Leaving Home’ as a nod to the globe-totting Irish spirit that still exists today, as just like us Brits, wherever you go in the world, sooner or later you’ll bump into someone from the Emerald Isle (usually in a pub). And anyone whose braved the Irish sea knows that a decent hat or scarf is always in order, even in Summer.

Check out this Q&A with them for more info on the brand…

 Where and when did the label start?

Over a number of years a collective of well-travelled Irish creatives based in and around Stillorgan town in Dublin discussed the potential in establishing an Irish brand. These creatives include a mixture of writers, musicians, photographers and other artists. Aspirations were to create a platform that could be used to promote Irish creative talent. In 2010, with the help of an extended team working from London, the company Stighlorgan ltd. was born. Stighorgan is a compound word created by combining the two Irish words that make up the original Irish name for Stillorgan; Stigh lorgan. Since the brand has been established by Irish creatives living in or outside Ireland, a constantly moving collective, it has come to adopt travelling as its identity. Stighlorgan embodies the tradition of Irish nomadic living; steadfast, resilient,embracing life. The brand gives voice to a new generation of travelling spirit, a spirit that constantly searches for new horizons and new ways to perceive the world.

 What was the inspiration behind starting an Irish accessories brand?

The inspiration behind Stighlorgan accessories lies with the Irish culture of travelling that the brand represents. The accessories brand has been hugely inspired by the main audience we associate with; Generation ‘Y’. Alongside a steadfast attitude to a life is the increasing ease of Travel. Generation ‘Y’ have become nomads, taking-off to seek adventure, work abroad, establish new homes. They are becoming masters of starting afresh and are ultimately familiar with carrying life with them. Ireland’s culture of travelling is a key aspect of the brand and Stighlorgan links itself to this emotion by being the accessories to a lifetime of travel. Bags to hold one’s tools for the road and scarves to keep one warm when foreign winds blow.

 What does the Stighlorgan logo represent?

The rope belt loop has a number of meanings: The overall shape originated from the classic clan belt crest. Often a Celtic family

crest is wrapped in a belt. In Stighlorgan’s case, the belt alone becomes the crest. The single spiral is the oldest Celtic symbol. It represents the cycle of life. The belt becomes a continuous spiral as the tip enters the buckle.Finally the rope; the rope is very important to Stighlorgan. For generations the rope has been central to travelling. In seafaring the rope has held ship rigging, fastened cargo and moored ships to docks. For travel over land the rope has secured loads to cart and bound horse to carriage. For Stighlorgan it represents a link between the individual and their possessions.


Who is the designer – do you/ they have a previous history in mens accessories?

Stighlorgan has a hugely experienced in-house team involved in the design and development of the accessories line. They all have experience working with English and American heritage brands and understand the value within national heritage brands. England, America, Scandinavia are just a few regions that continue to excite the world with their respective national identity and style. Ireland hasn’t had a chance to show its contemporary style and Stighlorgan focuses on this.


Where are the materials and fabrics sourced?

Materials are sourced from a diverse range of countries, again depending on requirement and expertise. The wool simply had to come from Donegal, Ireland, and linen cotton webbing and leather could only come from Italy.

 What is the concept behind the AW11 range?

AW11 sees the launch of the Stighlorgan brand. Inspired by this start point, Stighlorgan’s first season is called ‘leaving home’. Inspiration has been found in the emotions of the beginning a journey and preparing to bring home with you. The brand’s writer in Dublin prepared the following text that inspired the season: ‘Taken by the mood to begin a journey / Caught by the brines salt smell / By limestone cliffs worn by leaping waves of the indigo sea / The shore lined with heavy kelp / Creaking chains load holds through the open sky / Black paint flakes from the rusted steel hull / Eager to pull away the great ship tugs its ropes taught on their mooring / Anticipating its departure / Leaving home behind / Carrying it with you.’ Going forward, each season a different aspect of traveling and life’s journey will form the mood and inspiration for the season.