Stocking Fillers That Aren’t Crap #1; Cool Toothpaste

This is the first in a short run of posts, which will sift through all the repetitive suggestions of socks, notepads and slightly too expensive items of clothing, and provide some decent suggestions for last minute stocking fillers, be it for yourself or someone else, that won’t be bunged into a drawer and thrown out next December.

Walking the line between being actually decent or overly gentrified and insincerely try-hard can be a hurdle which some brands struggle with. Marvis, a toothpaste manufacturer from Florence, manages to traverse it perfectly.

1800 era NASA style packaging, big promises with a reliably thick product and a decent price point of £6 means that Marvis toothpaste can replace that scabby tube of Home Bargains bought Colgate, currently letting the side down next to your expensive aftershaves, toothbrushes and shaver, in your bathroom cupboard. Look at Marvis’ website, ffs. And it even comes in mental flavours like liquorice or cinnamon. Who says toothpaste has to be minty?

Get some from our mates at Peggs & Son.

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