Stocking Fillers That Aren’t Crap #2; 80th Anniversary Edition of Monopoly

Have you seen that episode of The Sopranos when Tony, Carmella, Janice and Bobby get proper pissed and play Monopoly?

They are having a weekend away together for Tony’s birthday and they get absolutely spannered. There are revelations about parent’s beehives being shot through, sisters being teased for giving blowies under the boardwalk, in-game bank robberies and it all culminates in the underling, Bobby, sucker punching his mafia don, Tony, in the mouth. The game ends early, they all go to bed, wake up with a massive hangover and have a dead awkward time, the day after.

You too can join in this family fun, this Christmas. Stock up on cans and cheap fizz, invite the sister and brother-in-law round, stick on a Spotify playlist and let the fun begin.

I suggest buying this 80th Anniversary Edition of Monopoly. Look how smart it is.

It’s available all over the place, but manufacturers Hasbro will tell you specifically where, here.

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