Stocking Fillers That Aren’t Crap #4; Fancy Notepads and Writing Gear

Two things here; some excellent notepads and a special piece of writing equipment. Firstly, the notepads, are a thing of modern minimalist beauty; and secondly, the writing kit, is a unique piece of history. So, first, the notepads…

Even if used for nothing other than weekly shopping lists, a fancy notepad is always nice to have. Or receive, if you are still looking for what to buy that certain someone who has lots of ideas or lots of meetings to make notes in. The Hightide PH Notebook, available at The Great Divide, is an ideal blank canvas to let your brilliant ideas, and/or mind-numbing meeting induced doodles, flourish.  the_great_divide_hightide_004_grande the_great_divide_hightide_003_grande the_great_divide_hightide_002_grande

Right, the main event; deadstock Soviet Union stationary.

For sale through Benji Knewman, a Latvian lifestyle magazine with a very Proper kind of vibe to it, these writers gift sets include: preserved vintage era book-keeping and writing tools, and fine quality, modern-day envelopes, paper and a reclining pencil. 20 years ago, following the demise of The Soviet Union, the former items were discovered behind a false wall by an 18 year old man, Janis, who was decorating his first house. He worked out that they were deadstock items from his great-grandfather’s stationary shop and many of them had been preserved perfectly; they’ve put together into a tremendous gift box and are on sale now.

Unbelievably, these unique pieces of Euro-political history are available for just under £30. Though, to be honest, I don’t know if they will be here for the big day, it doesn’t really matter; they’ve been waiting behind that false wall for 70 years, what’s a few more days?

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Janis’ great-granddad was clearly a chain-smoking, stationary selling, mega-don. Look at him. If your shopping list, written on his pieces of antique paper, doesn’t just read ‘Smokes’, you’re doing life wrong.

Get the notepads here and the writing box here.


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