Stone Island Big Coat Fever 

It’s big coat season, and what’s better than a big, techy Stone Island coat? A sale full of big, techy Stone Island coats. 

Apart from adidas, perhaps, Stone Island is one of the brands most closely associated with Proper. After all, Proper did evolve from that side of the terraces that took the clobber very seriously. So we don’t need to reinvent the wheel here, or spell anything out to anyone. 

What we are here to do is point out where you can find solid bits of new Stone Island for good prices, because if there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that it isn’t cheap. And some of us have got mouths to feed now – we can’t be saving up all our money and spunking it on one jacket. 

Aphrodite, then, is your best friend, because they’ve got some of the brand’s techiest releases – often with a much more grown-up feel – at a considerable discount. 

How about a Marina jacquard in shiny, three-layered performance-treated nylon? Or a GORE-TEX 3-in-1 with that classic metal integration? 

Head to Aphrodite for more, where there aren’t just big jackets but shorts (buying off-season is always smart), sweaters and the rest. 

Stone Island at Aphrodite

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