Stone Island / Porter_Co-Lab

After jackets and footwear, a decent bag is next on the list in terms of importance when it comes to those well-loved and practical items that get an outing on a daily basis. Though unlike jackets and shoes I tend to stick one model for my commute into work and for short trips away, which I suppose puts bags slap bang at the top of the priority list when it comes to finding the right one. So if you’re currently on the look for some new luggage then it doesn’t really get any better than Stone Island’s latest collab with Japanese brand Porter. Using their unique S.I. house check with their classic Nylon metal material Porter have reinterpreted the iconic brands legendary research, textile experimentation and garment dyeing expertise to create three different models. Comprising of a Backpack, Duffle bag and Portfolio each feature a fabric that’s been resin treated inside to achieve a mild water resistance with garment dyeing through a double colour recipe with the addition of a special anti-drop agent. Imagine rolling into work or an airport or the pub with one of these beauties under your arm?

Now stop imagining it and go and buy one here.


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