Stone Island Printed Cotton Sweatshirt

Now that Hypebeast have described me as a ‘Stone Island Aficionado’ (honestly they did look here) I feel particularly qualified to comment on this stunning S.I. sweatshirt that’s just dropped at John Anthony. Whilst we all love a sweatshirt with a compass patch on it, this particular piece looks like it’s come straight from the pages of the archivio book. The myriad of utility pockets, the lovely sage ribbed neck and cuffs, the drawstring hem and its slightly oversized fit all converge to make something that is very reminiscent of Massimo Osti’s output in the golden 1980s era of Stone Island. It also has ‘balearic holiday 2019′ written all over it (in invisible ink that only shows up at 4.00am underneath a strobe light).

Buy a Stone Island Printed Cotton Sweatshirt from John Anthony here.


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