Stone Island Reflective Ripstop Chine Down Jacket

Everyone’s favourite Italian streetwear star is back yet again with its meticulous design measures; crafted from a durable nylon fabric, we introduce the Stone Island Reflective Ripstop Chine Down Jacket. 

A hybrid outerwear style, this unique piece is made up of two components – a reflective ripstop shell and a warming padded liner. The latter is dressed in all-black and sits nestled underneath – to which it is attached to the outer via roped loops – with its concealed presence enhancing the jacket’s thermal properties, not forgetting to mention that it glides effortlessly atop of extra base layers.

The real star of the show, though, is the ripstop exterior which has been formed as a result of Stone Island utilising a chiné technique during the manufacturing process. This is where the polyester yarns of the warp are stamped with the label’s logo (at the back) and whereby reflective yarns create a robust surface grid that is subsequently illuminated when refracting light.

Complex enough for you? For all the Stone Island aficionados out there you can find this piece over on Aphrodite now!

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