Stone Island SS18 Marina

Is it me or is there loads of really ace stuff popping up at the moment? Stone Island’s Marina range has always held a special amount of cachet over here at Proper Towers and their latest drop is a reliably impressive haul. For me it’s has always resembled the costumes for a futuristic film version of Henri Charrière’s prison classic Papillon. The above video could even be the opening credits  although it’s actually been made to explain how for SS18 SI Marina has been developed in two parts. Folded and Allover. Both share common details such as avio blue, octane, lavender and salmon colour palettes and those white stripes straight from the Osti archives the Allover gear utilises the embroidered red star to full effect. Whilst all the Folded garments are dyed, folded and then printed by hand to obtain an original graphic motif that is purposefully unique/imperfect from garment to garment. Time to plan a trip to the tattooists followed by a one way flight to French Guiana, bagsy me being Steve McQueen though.


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