Street Casuals: Poler Stuff X Rebel Yuth Look book

Poler x Rebel 8 JPEGAs long time worshippers at the altar of Hikerdelia, Poler Stuff is one of the first labels we reach for when heading out for a weekend in the wilderness or if we’re just lazing around the house being dead mellow and that.  Our mates over at Street Casuals share this avid appreciation of Poler and have hooked up with talented artist Rebel Yuth (aka John Speed) to put together an illustrated look-book of camp vibes and crazy characters all sporting this lysergic leisure wear. Camping is the new raving and if you don’t like it well you know where the zip is.

Poler x Rebel JPEG

Poler x Rebel 3 JPEG

Poler x Rebel 2 JPEG

Poler x Rebel 6 JPEG

Poler x Rebel 4 JPEG

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