Stussy collaborates with Baracuta

Baracuta Bucket Hat (1)Baracuta Jacket 2 (1)


In terms of seasonal comparisons this is one of the best hookups since Santa got together with that ruby nosed reindeer back in the day.

Yes the Stussy cats have been down to the Baracuta factory (more than likely on skateboards or BMX) and have exited the premises holding aloft a beautiful G9 jacket and matching bucket hat both of which feature a festive splash of bodacious blackwatch tartan. Forget about a white christmas this sublime jacket and hat combination are exactly what your man Bing Crosby would be dreaming about if he was still around today. It’s just the kind of ensemble I need to stop me hitting midnight mass after the pub on the way home on Christmas Eve, as I’m a lapsed catholic and just pop in there to escape the inevitable falling snow/rain/bottles.





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