Stussy Sunglasses

Last weekend was a bit of a slow one for me. One of the few highlights was noticing the elbow patches on my shirt coincidentally matched my cords.

Waking up without a hangover allowed me and the missus to run a few errands, which included going to the dry cleaners, a trip to Halfords to get a new number plate and a walk round B &Q to look at garden furniture on the off chance we ever have anyone round before the pub shuts and it’s warm enough to sit outside. I feigned interest to keep the peace, all the while thinking that I could be spending the best part of £200 this was gonna cost on that jacket I’ve had my eye on for a while, playing out the inevitable scenario which goes “is that another new jacket?” to which my standard response is either “define new (I figure if I didn’t buy it yesterday it’s not new)” or “nah, I’ve had it years”.

Unfortunately for my missus, any potential summer guests and B & Q (although I’m pretty sure they’ll survive without my custom) I saw the new range of Stussy sunglasses the week before, and even though I’ve lost more pairs of bins than I currently own, there was only going to be one winner.

With 7 different styles and a variety of colour & lense combos you’ve got 17 choices, the frames are made from optical grade acetate and each pair are hand polished and buffed. More importantly they look great. As Stussy themselves say, and I quote……..

“Get your very own signature Stussy Sunglasses for men and get that instant swag. All the designs are dope so check them out!” *

But don’t let that put you off, get them here

*perhaps Stussy should get Proper to write their marketing for them or perhaps their target demographic is not 35 year old “men” who should be buying garden furniture.

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