Stutterheim’s Rubberised Influence is Timeless

It’s all well and good being waterproofed up to the chin in a nice and heavy Arc’teryx coat, a North Face, or maybe an ACG, but sometimes the situation calls for a different approach. Sometimes, you might need a bit more class. That’s where Swedish Stutterheim comes in. Their long, button up jackets made of rubberised cotton offer a far more minimalist approach to the weather. Plus, their photoshoots, as above, come in Scandi Noir.

Stutterheim’s influence is so timeless that one of their coats, the original Arholma, is permanently displayed in Sweden’s largest museum of cultural history, the Nordiska Museet, in the Clothing & Fashion section. How’s that for influence. 

Parasol has just expanded their range to include a few of Stutterheim’s beauties. Pre some pictures below and shop the range here.

Stutterheim at Parasol. 

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