Summer Sales and Holiday Staples at Peggs & Son

As usual, it’s raining whilst I sit here writing this but, as my calendar assures me, the summer solstice is approaching. That should mean there is more sunshine heading our way.

Of course, you are more than likely planning to hunt out out your own dose of sunshine in a land with far more reliable weather patterns. Wherever you’re heading, make sure you don’t look like a dick head by getting stuck into these summer picks, chosen by the helpful folk at Peggs & Son and kindly filed under one neat, little section of their online store, called ‘Holiday Essentials’.

Check out breton stripes, hawaiian prints, perfect hand luggage and alternatives to adilettes from the likes of; Norse Projects, Sunspel, Saturdays Surf NYC, Armor Lux, Folk and Nanamica.

Carrot oil, insect repellant and not enough aftersun sold elsewhere.

breton_sailor_t-shirt_-_milk_marie_gal_1_ cmmn_pool_sliders_-_white_1_ drawcord_shorts_-_mud_brown_1_ james_compact_tee_-_blood_orange_1__1 rhine_flat_pack_-_black_melange_1_ riviera_polo_shirt_-_white_1_ tommy_chino_shorts_-_navy_1_ type_04_sunglasses_-_amber_2_ wind_print_shorts_-_blue_leaf_1_

Peggs & Son

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