Superga 2750 limited edition, The Hundred Year Shoe

Are we all sitting comfortably on our selvedge denim/vintage chino clad arses? Good then I’ll begin…. A long time ago in 1911, in a lovely little place called Turin, a cool Italian cat called Walter began producing rubber-soled footwear under the name of Superga. Several years later his designs made use of the newly discovered vulcanised rubber, turning Superga into a bang on footwear classic. Seen about town on only the coolest of moped riders and Paninaros until more recently when the rest of us caught on to this charming sneaker. To mark their centenary, Superga are celebrating with a ltd edition take on their iconic 2750. Whilst still the same great looking shoe it’s been embellished with gold lace loops and aglets, the rubber has been extended to the toe cap, with the  original 1911 ‘Superga’ logo being the final cherry on top of the tiramisu.

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