Superga at Grants 1856


There’s a big Italian vibe in the Proper office today, we’re all wearing powerful aftershave, Mark has Ryan Paris’s ‘Dolce Vita’ blasting out of his laptop and we’ve just had a Rudy’s pizza for lunch. In keeping with this love of all things latin our top amicis over at Grants 1856 have just told us they’ve got a restock of Supergas in. Ideal for hopping on or off gondolas, kick-starting vespas or a passegiata round Pompei these canvas beauties are also just what you need for British summer time. Grants have got the Classic 2750 in black or white as well as the 2754 mid for those of you that like a bit of ankle coverage.

So make like Ryan Paris and start living (like in) the dolce vita with a new pair of Supergas from here.





SUPERGA-2750-Efglu-White-Gumtop-800x800 (1)


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