Surf Liquor x Satta Skates ‘Cruiser Deck’


Though none of us profess to be remotely proficient skateboarders here at Proper that doesn’t stop us from appreciating a really nice set of trucks (or whatever it is the kids call them these days). Speaking of which as part of founder Jonathan Cosserat’s latest collection for his road trip inspired brand Surf Liquor, he’s hooked up with renowned Brixton based woodworker; ‘Satta Skates’ to create a limited edition, hand-crafted ‘Cruiser Deck’. TheĀ decks will be an exclusive collection of 10 handmadeĀ boards, each uniquely shaped and stamped with a number from 1-10. The decks have been individually crafted using Sapele and Walnut wood with Oak stringers and 56mm Cadillac Wheels. Now just one question remains, even if I have this, the coolest skateboard in the world will all the kids still laugh and point at me if I turn up at the skate park in my Volvo estate?

Surf Liquor (shaped by) Satta (2)

Surf Liquor (shaped by) Satta (3)

Surf Liquor (shaped by) Satta

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  1. How much are the Satta boards and what is the size please.

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