Surf Odyssey (Gestalten)

Of all the books that I own (and I own a fair few) I’d say that alongside Andy Warhol, war and denim that Surfing is a dominant theme upon my heaving shelves. Despite only having ‘hung ten’ for a very brief period during the mid-90s when I lived in South West France I still continue to be amazed by waves and the people who chase after them. Surf Odyssey is the latest addition to my ‘tube tome’ collection and in true Gestalten style avoids any obvious cliches instead choosing to focus on the modern mavericks of today’s surf scene who like their dawn patrols to contain an additional element of pioneering adventure prior to hitting the big blue. So rather than your usual Pacific surf spots the book heads out to places where snowy conditions and trekking through deserts rather than being obstacles are all part of the experience for this new breed of surfers in search of a swell times in unique locations. Though without a doubt it’s still a really beautiful coffee table book that’s full of amazing photographs it’s also an insightful look at how far surfing culture has travelled in every sense of the word as well as giving us an idea of where it’s heading in 2016 and beyond.

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