Swiss Army Shirt From Cottonopolis

There was a time when Manchester properly ruled the world.

Nope, I’m not thinking 88-89 and the Madchester ‘Second Summer Of Love’ (though it did briefly); I’m going back….way back to the very birth of industry.

All dark Satanic mills, belching chimmneys, cobbled streets, boats from NYC coming up the Ship Canal, gangs of clogged up lads, and the production of cotton.  Shit loads of cotton.

Manchester was at the heart of the Industrial Revolution; it was the most important city, not just in Britain, but the world.  This city gained its own nickname. COTTONOPOLIS.

So what else were Mancunian stalwarts Oi Polloi really going to call their own in-house label?

Right history lesson over (‘every day’s a school day’) lets talk shirts.  Twill COTTON shirts, from COTTONOPOLIS.

A new release for A/W is their Swiss Army Shirt; a garment of utilitarian beauty.  Like it’s namesake (and the boyscouts’ best friend) the penknife, this shirt has everything you could need, all wrapped up in a beautifully designed package.


Pockets galore, including an ace handwarmer one at the front, so you can strut your stuff like all the best Scuttlers, with your jacket open to show off your shirt, whilst keeping those pinkies warm.


Popover in style with details all over the shop; buttoned chest pockets, mini stash pocket, buttoned sleeve for rolling up when things get heated and an aesthetically pleasing vent at the back.  Hellfire, it’s even got  ‘gusset patch detailing’!  What is not to like?



Available in 3 colours: Navy, military inspired Olive Green and a rather fetching Pale Blue.  Online and in store now for £95 from Oi Polloi.

Bet you cant even get a pen knife for that*…..

*You can; but you get the idea.


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