TASCHEN’s favorite TV shows.


Just in case you hadn’t noticed, TV shows are now miles, miles better than the cinema.

Whilst the big screen crumbles under the weight of yet another bunch of pointless remakes the small screen is at the top of it’s game with episode after episode of pure quality delivered directly to our front rooms. Whether watched via box-set, cable catch-up or dodgy website American dramas have stolen the show when it comes to talent from the Simpsons to the Sopranos, this world of twin peaks, boardwalk empires and throne related games is a reliably entertaining one in which to live even when  it’s all broken and bad. Just to draw our attention momentarily away from the tube Jürgen Müller and Taschen have created this handy companion to all your/their favourite shows from the last 25 years. It’s ideal for a quick flick through between ads/opening credits as well as a a more in-depth look at the familiar and much loved characters as well as discovering some incredibly insightful and well researched behind-the-scenes facts about the authors, actors, sequels, spin offs and pretty much everything else you didn’t already know. Given how well this book has been put together, we’ll forgive them for overlooking several British favorites (though The Office is in there) this is a fun and fascinating book that no seasoned box-set binger should be without.

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