Six of the Best – Technical Shorts 

The word ‘technical’ gets thrown around a lot these days, but what does it mean? According to the Oxford Dictionary, one definition of technical, as an adjective: 

2. “involving or concerned with applied and industrial sciences.

“an important technical achievement”

Which would imply that technical, in a fashion sphere, relates to the use of new and applied science or industry. New fabrics, new materials, innovation. That would explain why cutting-edge materials – Gore-Tex, Pertex, various forms of Quantum – get labelled technical. But often, subtle details like pockets, zips and slightly leftfield design tweaks earn something the technical accolade. 

We gathered six of our favourite technical shorts – some have innovative materials, some just have nice cargo pockets – for your perusal. One thing that’s for certain about all these shorts: they’re built to last, and they’re multifunctional. From hiking to running to relaxing, you’re covered.  

Norse Projects ‘Lukas’ Tab Series Shorts 

This pair from Norse Projects utilises a ripstop weave that bolsters the shorts’ resistance, gracing you with extra sturdy and hard-wearing construction. 

Marshall Artist Forte Cargo Shorts

Stone Island-affiliated Marshall Artist carry the technical torch with a UK-based approach. This pair, with a cotton polyamide shell and injected pockets, is packed with hidden details and touches. 

ACG Snowgrass


You can always rely on ACG to produce stellar goods. These nylon beauties are full to the brim with external cargo pockets, mesh and net attachments, and a built-in belt. Plus – are there any logos which hit as hard as the ACG triangle? 

Gramicci Canyon Shorts


We can’t do shorts without doing Gramicci. These shorts, a slight adaption of their famous G-Pant, boast a water-resistance soft-shell fabric, and unmatched flexibility. Each leg can stretch to 180° – which is extremely useful if you’re a flexible climber, or Jean-Claud Van Damme.

New Balance All Terrain Shorts


New Balance’s All Terrain range is their answer to ACG, encompassing a broader group of outdoor related activities. These shorts, in striking sunflower yellow, are exactly what you need for long hikes or strenuous outdoor exploration; if you get lost, someone will see the shorts before they see you. 

ACRONYM Shell Cargo Shorts


Look, everything we’ve said above stands, but if you want technical, ACRONYM is king. Slick, utilitarian, robust. Anything Errolson Hugh produces will be unbelievably well considered.

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