Ten reasons why you really should own a pair of Hiut Jeans

558900141. I’ve got a pair
As someone with more than their fair share of strides de nimes and co-editor of one of Stockport’s coolest magazines trust me I know a great pair of jeans when I see them. In terms of quality my organic Hiuts are definitely up there alongside my beloved pairs of LVC, Edwin Overworks and Eat Dust jeans.
2. They’re Made In Britain
Hopefully you’re already aware of the heart-warming and heroic back-story to Hiut, who have risen like a blue cotton phoenix from the smouldering turn-ups of the Welsh town of Cardigan where once 35,000 pairs of jeans were made every week. Currently averaging around 100 pairs a week, if we all believe in the dream and support Hiut (by buying a pair or three) we can make this magic happen again.
IMG_7555HD 03.1
3. You can be a part of History
You know on ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ when middle class celebs do a cry upon discovering that their great, great, great, great uncle got leathered by Dick Turpin? Well in the future my relatives won’t need the BBC to find out all about my sordid life, instead they’ll be able to trace me by my pair of Hiuts and their ‘History Tag’. A unique concept whereby you register the unique number on your Hiut jeans and then update the details of what you and your jeans have been up to. Now I’m sure there’s a great line in here somewhere about jeans/genes but I’m damned if I’m going to use it. This is my pair HERE though please bear with me as I have a six week child in the house and every time I put him down to take a photo of my jeans he starts crying.
4. They employ ‘Grand Masters’
Usually reserved for the worlds of Hip Hop and Chess, those in the know at Hiut are referred to as ‘Grand Masters’ how cool is that? “Do you like my new jeans? They were made by a Grand Master” Sounds so much better than “I have no idea who made these jeans but they cost £19 so probably someone who weighs about 5 stone wet through, works 70 hours a week and probably won’t live to see 40” doesn’t it? I just hope that they all wear leather biker jackets and ski-goggles to work too.
5. Simples
Much as I like a plethora of colours, fades, rises, tapers and designs to choose from there’s something rather gratifying about being given the straightforward option of a either organic or selvedge jeans in a slim, slimmer, regular or tapered fit (5 pockets as standard).
6. They’ve got a decent logo
How hard is it to create a logo that isn’t A. really shit or B. a blatant rip off of something else? Answer = Well hard. Having started the business in a barn 14 years ago, they’ve managed to stay put as have the family of Barn Owls who return each year to raise their young in the Hiut HQ. Superdry would have probably shot them with an air-gun.
7. Howies
Remember the brand Howies? If not it was a bit like a Welsh version of Folk that made some proper ace gear, especially their jeans (surprise, surprise), outdoorsy jackets and big woolly jumpers. Well the Hiut crew are one and the same, having set up the Howies back in 1995 and then selling it on in 2006 when it got too cool.
8. The ‘No Wash’ Club
Hiut actively encourage not washing your jeans, a sentiment I wish more people would get behind. I’m sick and tired of hearing about so called ‘denim heads’ crumbling and throwing their sweaty selvedge in the washer after a mere couple of months wear. Shame, shame on you all for not giving your jeans the life they deserve. Oh and don’t get me started on people who put them in the freezer, does Lemmy put his jeans in the freezer? No, well then.
IMG_7551HD 03.1
9. They’re a lifestyle as well as a pair of Jeans
This lot don’t just talk the talk they also walk the walk, with the strong ethical brand philosophy being held close to the hearts of each their workers in their day-to-day lives. This is also reflected in their brilliantly produced yearly lookbook as well as the films they put on their site, all of which look like excerpts from a dead good Shane Meadows film.
10. They look fucking mint
It’s all well and good harping on about the finer details of this and that but if the cut of the jeans don’t cut the mustard then we’re all wasting our time aren’t we? Fortunately Hiut tick all the boxes required for a proper good pair of jeans. If you don’t believe me go and buy a pair, if you do believe me go and buy a pair.



  1. I want a pair of these but the back pockets look too low. I don’t want jeans with pockets half way down my legs. Please give me your view on the back pockets.

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