Tenue de Nimes x Red Wing

Do you sometimes wish that your love for denim and Red Wing boots could be expressed in one pure form of (lace-able, leather) love? Well look no further heritage heads because Dutch denim Deities Tenue De Nimes are celebrating ten years of their fantastic store with a stunning pair of indigo Red Wing moc boots. Each of which have been hand-dyed in Kojima making them the ‘personification of raw denim in shoe form’ to quote Tenue de Nimes founder Menno Van Meurs. Who also goes on to say “What strikes me is that both boots and jeans are functional products that will only look more beautiful when they age. Thanks to the different kind of lives we live, every pair evolves into a personal product with a distinctive look and feel. So after a few years of labor, every pair is unique: When worn well, they become a personal blueprint of someone’s life.”

The Tenue De Nimes x Red Wing Indigo Moc Toe Boot are limited to just 75 pairs and will drop in the Amsterdam store on 23rd November, marking the exact date since the store opened, 10 years ago.



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