The 501® Jean: Stories of an Original


I dunno about you guys but I first fell in love with 501s courtesy of those motown soundtracked ads that Levi’s did back in the mid 1980s. If you’re too young to remember them it’s quite hard to explain just how mind-blowing they were, suffice to say that I haven’t been without a pair of 501s since.  It seems that I’m not on my own in this appreciation either as the likes of Henry Rollins, John Baldessari, Scott Schuman, Andy Spade, Mark McNairy, Erin Wasson, Gary Burden, Eddie Huang, Jim Walrod, Kim Hastreiter, Mel Ottenberg, Michael Polish, Steven Alan, Alexandra Richard, Greg Chapman, Lee Ranaldo, Rachael Wang, and Josh Peskowitz have all taken part in this documentary film all about this most iconic of jeans. Released this Wednesday it’s a three part doc that celebrates the 501 and its place in cultural history, having been worn on everyone from 19th century gold-miners to modern day presidents and everyone in between. I haven’t been this excited about watching something since I heard that they were making ‘Deutschland 86’ which itself will feature loads of beautiful black (market) 501s.







  1. On one note I loved this doc, on another it told me nothing I did not know already, I mean how many times has Levi’s told this story now? And thirdly I have lived in denim all my life yet never owned a pair of Levi’s never mind 501s.

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