The 5th Winter Sale

The origins of the Boxing Day Sale are disputed. Some of the earliest assertions are that many of the poor who worked under rich establishments – errand boys, servants, etc – were given a Christmas box by their employers on the day following Christmas. Said servants would then be given the day off – as they’d work on Christmas Day – and be sent back to their families with a box full of leftovers, cold gravy, and the spoilt kid’s unwanted presents. 

Boxing Day now, however, is pretty much just a commercial holiday. After doing away with the general need for servants, and the slight flattening of the social classes, Boxing Day is now something everyone can enjoy – and what better way to celebrate than discounted goods? 

More pertinently, in many places, Boxing Day Sale extends itself all the way through January, and in some cases, for the remainder of the winter. Taking into account the impact of climate change, and therefore our delayed and turbulent seasons, there’s sales all the way through until March. However, while time is on the side of sales, quantities are not, meaning you ought to act fast to ensure a deal. For example, there’s a finite amount of And Wander x Salomon’s available at The 5th; and this clementine orange Ten C Down Anorak will not be around forever, either. 

The 5th’s Winter Sale, in traditional Boxing Day spirit, is generous, with up to 60% off many pieces, including some very dear bits from all over the globe. 

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