The 5th’s Lifestyle Gift Guide

As well as being excellent curators of outerwear, The 5th Store also specialises in lifestyle products, many of which pertain to the outdoors feel. 

Take, for example, these two Atticare bits: a shoe cleaner, and a garment protector. While we all love to embrace mud and dirt and let our adventurous sides roam, sometimes it’s good to err on the side of caution. Garment protectors add an invisible layer between materials and potential hazards, and work on both clothes and shoes, meaning you’re sorted for a mud splash on a trail or a splash of lager in the boozer. 

Continuing the outdoor theme, there’s a Smoke & Musk air freshener, just in case you managed to successfully escape the lingering woodiness embedded in your clothes and need a reminder; or, if you’re on a mission to cover up smells, there’s a range of candles, such as Soy Black Fig, or Japanese inspired Shinrin-Yoku, which is inspired by the cedarwood and forest bathing. There’s LA-zen incense that capture sunsets and canyon hikes, as well as a Cali Chronic perfume – so that if the 20 bag in your pocket doesn’t stink enough, you can make sure the people know. 

And, for the eco-conscious, a range of Kinto tumblers, and Nalgenes of varying shapes and sizes, perfect for day treks. 

Browse the whole of The 5th’s Store’s lifestyle range here.

Lifestyle @ The 5th Store.

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