The Anatomy of Air Exhibition: size? Covent Garden

RL2710 Neal St 01

The don’t half get some ace stuff down in the capital and if you’re currently in the smoke then you really need to get down to size? in Covent Garden during the next month.

As our mates at the Neal Street size? are currently celebrating the 20th year of the Air Max 95 (no I can’t believe it was that long ago either though yes I agree the name is a bit of a giveaway) by way of a really rather superb in-store exhibition. As well as the original design from Sergio Lorzano and the latest ‘Ultra Jacquard’ version, expect to see a variety of other versions on display including the ‘Stash’ from 2006, ‘Running Man’ from 2012 and the most recent ‘Independence Day’ incarnation. As all us trainer freaks know, time is the truest test of a shoe and the ever evolving yet always classic ’95 has proved it’s up there with the best of them.

RL2710 Neal St 05

RL2710 Neal St 02

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size? Covent Garden

37a Neal Street

Covent Garden



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