The Bojeffries Saga (Knockabout)

BO1The Bojeffries Saga Cover (1)We interrupt the amazing SS14 clothing news to bring you something entirely different,  a graphic novel about a super dysfunctional and supernatural family known as the Bojeffries. From the warped hand/mind of Steve Parkhouse and Alan  Moore the sagas of the Bojeffiries is one peppered with surrealist mayhem where father teaches son how to fish for bats and nosey tax inspectors get turned into back garden plants in a charming and hilarious Hammer House of Horror meets Monty Python style. Starting life a sa strip in Warrior magazine in 1982 this compilation reads almost like a British classic sit-com in comic strip form though minus the predictable endings. Think Rising Damp if Rigsby regularly turned into  a werewolf and Miss Jones was literally a man-eater, so unless you’re already a Bojeffries fan I can guarantee you won’t have read anything like this before. This hilarious book was made for night-time reading under the covers with a torch and a massive spliff.



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