The Champions of Soho

Soho has got to be one of the best things about a trip to London hasn’t it? Whether you’re there to get a palpitation inducing espresso, ‘something for the weekend’, a hard to find book or a piece of cutting edge streetwear you can’t fail to be impressed by the place. A place which it’s now pretty hard to envisage was Henry the Eighth favourite hunting spot and whose hunting cry gave the place it’s name. Whilst wildlife of the animal sort may be a bit thin on the ground these days there are few places on earth that have as cool a concentration of menswear shops as Soho does. Oi Polloi, Supreme, Albam, LVC, Maharishi, Liberty, Universal Works, Woolrich, Nudie, Stone Island… the list in this Mecca to menswear is as impressive as it is long. As if this wealth of ¬†highly desirable destinations wasn’t enough the legendary US sportswear brand Champion are about to open their first ever flagship store in the UK at 48-50 Brewer street. To herald this momentous occasion they’ve hooked up with spoken word poet James Massiah to create a short film where the talented wordsmith both talks and takes us around this notorious neighbourhood. Entitled The Champions of Soho it provides a snapshot of the hustle and bustle of Soho interwoven with Massiah’s unique vocal take on the local inhabitants both old and new.


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