THE CURSE OF LONO – Hunter S Thompson & Ralph Steadman


25_the_curse_of_lono_va_gb_3d_42831_1402131627_id_775091Originally published in 1983 The Curse of Lono is a hilarious and hallucinatory Hawaiian account of Hunter S Thomson and co. larging and ligging their way through the Honolulu marathon.

Beautifully surreal images matched with spit-your-tequila-out funny reportage makes this a true masterpiece of mescal induced mirth. Having long  been out of print Taschen re-released a signed, super limited version of this excitingly eccentric book ten years ago which sold out before it even had chance to hit the shops. Luckily this time around the book is out on general release and coming in at just under £20 is an absolute bargain. I won’t go into too much detail as I don’t want to spoil it for you but if you’re a fan of Fear & Loathing or the Rum Diaries then you won’t be disappointed. Nor will you let down be if you enjoy reading books with chapter heading such as ‘TITS LIKE ORANGE FIREBALLS’. Insanely funny and rabidly raucous in a way that only the great Gonzo could be, read it and weep (with laughter). Buy it HERE.





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