The Empire Strikes Back: The Original Topps Trading Card Series, Vol. II

Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back Topps

Alongside jackets, sweatshirts, jeans, trainers and suede shoes I also have a penchant for collecting really good books. I’ve got bloody loads and their genres are all over the show, spanning from graphic novels to seventies sex novels to architecture and heavy metal singers autobiographies. Despite this wealth of quality reading material I was still somewhat taken aback when the Empire Strikes Back Topps Trading card book arrived at my library-esque abode. As soon as I opened it I was magically transformed back to my eight-year old self and could picture me persistently mithering my mum at the check-out queue in Fine Fare for some ‘Star Wars stickers’ until I got the goods. If you were a kid back then you’ll know just how magical those films were as well as all the mint merchandise that came with them was.

For those of you that were or weren’t there this substantial book features  a handy introduction by Gary Gerani the original editor of the Topps Star Wars Series about the early hysteria and also features both the fronts and backs of each card from this series of trading cards alongside character profiles, story cards, movie facts, quotes, trivia, and puzzles on The Empire Strikes Back. As if that wasn’t enough the book also comes with four bonus Empire trading cards though I’m far too scared to open them for fear of losing that forceful Jedi style buzz I get every time I look at that pristine unopened rectangular sachet such is the strength of the force in this book.

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