The Great Divide Winter Sale


There’s a storm a brewin lads and if you’ll heed my warnin you’ll get yourself wrapped up nice and warm and stay away from those moors! What the Helen of Troy am  I on about? I think I’ve eaten too much cheese over Christmas. Any way, ramblings of a cheese addled madman aside check out the Great Divide’s Winter Sale which currently has up to 60% off such smart as owt brands like YMC, Pendleton, Our Legacy, Universal Works, Wood Wood, BWGH, Fidelty, Gant Rugger, LVC & Reigning Champ to name but ten. And as the mercury is about to dip you may well want to get yourself one of these proper ace jumpers (as well as a hat, coat, gloves, woollen muffler etc.) to keep out the cold.

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