The Hip Store Jackets Sale Picks

Prior to popular belief, Manchester isn’t the rainiest city in the UK. In fact, it’s not even in the top 10. It’s actually ranked 14th, despite the weather often feeling even more joyless than Roy Keane’s football punditry. If that’s even possible.

There’s no escaping the cold weather though, and we’ve got you covered. Our good friends over at The Hip Store must have their seasons muddled up, because they’re currently hosting a brilliant sale on winter jackets. Maybe Mr Keane should head over there and check out the selection which includes Folk, Nanamica, YMC, Norse Projects and more. Might cheer him up a bit. We’ve collated a pick of the bunch below.

Head over to The Hip Store sale for more bargains.

Folk Field Jacket.

Carhartt WIP Nimbus Two-Tone Jacket.

Nanamica Coach Jacket.

YMC Erkin Jacket.

Battenwear Beach Parka.

White Mountaineering Big Hoodie.

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