The Imitation Game (Abrams)


If you’re the kind of person who enjoys graphic novels about real life people and events as opposed to steely jawed, do-gooders in capes trying to save the world then pay attention. The life of English mathematician and eccentric chess player Alan Turing has been given the ‘high quality graphic novel’ treatment which details his work on the enigma machine, creating the computer as well as the reason why the very laptop I’m writing this review on has a big lighty up apple on it. Having had very little interest in Alan prior to reading this book (apart from the fact that he lived up the road from me in Wilmslow) I found that once I’d started reading I was compelled to get to the end. Suffice to say that despite beating the Nazis and loads of dead hard sums it was having to live in an intolerant society that finally did for poor old Al in the end. So don’t bother reading about the made up super-heroes who save the world from destruction, get the Imitation game and read about a real one.

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